Organization and Planning

At this moment, the Celebration Congress' organization team consits of Jojan Jonker (the Netherlands), Berthy Cambier (the Netherlands), Dori-Michelle Beeler (USA). Natalia Litvinova (Russia), Eileen Sakai (US) and Hildegard Martens (Germany).

Do we meet on Mt. Kurama ...?

Preliminary information


The preliminary planning looks like this:
- 2017: Initial dream given words. The news is spreading (Reiki gatherings, website, Facebook ...).
- 2020: World wide announcement of the Celebration Congress, with more detailed information.
- 2021: Registration for the congress will be opened.
(- 2022: April / May: possibility for Reiki organizations to schedule their own gathering.)
- 2022: May 20 - 22: 3-day Celebration Congres, Kyoto / Mount Kurama, Japan.
- 2022: May / June: Post-congress tour; likely a short one of around 5 days and a longer one of around 14 days.

For Reiki organizations, this could be a (according to some: should be the) perfect oppertunity to organize - by themselves and for their own members - their own (annual) conference, for instance in the week preceding the Celebration Congress. At this moment, at least one organization takes this into consideration.


The preliminary program looks like this:
- Day 1: the past
- Day 2: the present
- Day 3: the future

Reconciliation will be the path from past to future.